Does Medicare Cover Dental, Hearing, & Vision?


While Original Medicare has very limited coverage for Dental, Hearing, & Vision, many plans offer benefits to help cover these needs.

Unfortunately Original Medicare has very limited coverage for these benefits, that’s why we call them extra benefits.

Fortunately, Medicare Advantage plans help fill these gaps by offering extra benefits like Dental, Hearing & Vision, Gym Memberships, Over the Counter supplies, and many other extra benefits to earn your business.  You may care more about one extra benefit than another, this is where we come in, we assist you in finding which plan will benefit you the most based on your needs.

Medicare Supplements offer less “extra benefits” than Medicare Advantage plans.  However, they offer there own unique advantages like freedom to choose any provider in the country that accepts Medicare, low to no co-pays, and no prior authorizations or referrals just to name a few.  Please note, Medicare Supplements tend to be more expensive than Medicare Advantage Plans.

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Joshua Swinney was a huge help to me in transitioning to a Medicare policy. He cross-checked my doctors and medications to find a policy that covered all my needs and fit my budget. In addition, I learned I was qualified to have over the counter items included at no charge. This was a big benefit as well. I'm grateful for all Joshua's help.
Anne Carruthers
Anne Carruthers
22:26 02 Nov 20
Thank you for all the help with finding me a plan and keeping me updated every year on what is available for me. Great service
David Green
David Green
14:42 12 Sep 20